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UNUSUAL PANAMANIAN MADE DE LUGO REVOLVING RIFLE. Cal. 22. SN None visible. Most unusual little rifle with 19-1/2" rnd bbl, high front sight and adjustable rear sight. It has an alloy receiver with integral revolving cylinder that seems to have 21 chambers. The safety is a second trigger inside the trigger guard which, when pulled to the rear, engages a notch to prevent the trigger from being pulled. Pulling the knob at the rear of the receiver, which manually rotates the cylinder, operates it. When the knob is released it chambers a fresh round and ejects the spent casing out a slot in the front. Loading is apparently affected by inserting a live round into the exposed empty chamber. It has a long dark stained uncheckered forearm and Bedouin style buttstock with wood buttplate that has a cartridge block in the comb for 30 rnds. CONDITION: Appears to be fine (not knowing what an original one should look like). Bbl is a silver-gray metal color mixed with a light patina. Receiver and trigger guard are a light aluminum color with casting flaws. Wood is sound and retains an even dark finish that may be an old restoration with minor nicks and dings.

Photos and information from: Roger Desbois    & milpas

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