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Mauser HSP

The HsP (Hahn-selbstlade Pistole, "Hammer-fired Selfloading Pistol") was one of the last attempts by the historic Mauser-Werke GmbH & Co. KG firearms-manufacturing firm out of Oberndorf (Germany) to make a selfloading handgun for service use. Taking move from Edgar Budischowsky's work (the inventor of the KORRIPHILA handguns, sometimes ditributed in the U.S. with the "Norton" tradename), the engineers at Mauser came out with a selfloading 9x19mm handgun in "full-size" and "compact" models which went to run in the 1976 trials for the adoption of a new handgun for the German Federal Police, and lost against the Walther P5.

Photographs and information from: Pierangelo Tendas

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