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Norinco Luger

My guess is that the NORINCO Luger, or "NP-08" according to some sources, might be a strictly made-for-Germany-only products. They have an importer up there (NORCONIA), that has some pretty big marketplace. Here in Italy, the official NORINCO imports is NUOVA JAGER, which is due to distribute Chinese-made M4 carbines at a very accessible price by the end of the month; pre-orders are already sky-high. It's a shame for the US shooters not to have any longer access to Chinese-made firearms (that's why you can find Chinese Makarovs only at a very high price... after G.W.B. decided to halt NORINCO imports in the US, those turned pretty rare!); on the other side, this is most probably the reason why their quality has improved. With the US market closed, NORINCO had to turn to the European and Canadian markets for its civilian firearm products; and, down here, quality is oversighted on quantity. Firearms are proof-tested by Governmental approval entities before their import is authorized, in most European countries, including Italy. Although this was originally conceived as a "Gun Control" measure, this pre-emptive testing has helped in keeping our gun racks free from many firearms that are more dangerous for the guy who's holding them than for the target itself (think TEC-9...). As a result, many gunmakers of poor reputation whom wanted to get on the European market had to improve the overall quality and safety level of their products. That's the case of NORINCO. The days of the "Chinese Commie Crap" are long gone; those products are just as good as the American ones, and sometimes even more...

Photographs and information from: Pierangelo Tendas

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